Pasta is the main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, defined by UNESCO as a world intangible heritage. We are therefore very proud to be the ambassadors of this product which is so closely linked with our social and cultural tradition.
“Dedicated to our land” is born from the desire to enhance the agricultural products cultivated in Puglia.
The purpose is to contribute to the sustainability of the Apulian agriculture and to strengthen a direct link between farmers and consumers, sharing values like environmental respect and recovery of tradition through the products. A healthy and authentic dialogue, finds the highest expression in the “Dedicated to our land”-line that is devoted to our Puglia.
We obtain the “Dedicated” pasta from a selection of varieties of durum wheats, exclusively cultivated in Puglia, a region since always known as the barn of Italy.
The partners sharing this project guarantee a raw material of highest quality, certificated and traced from field to table 100% Puglia, through a chain-agreement between producer, farmers and the barn that transforms the durum wheat in semolina.
Dedicated is the first pasta of the Apulian cereal chain to be certificated UNI EN ISO 22005:08 by DNV (Det Norske Veritas), one of the main independent certification organizations of the world that guarantees the traceability along the entire production chain of the product.
Dedicated is the first pasta of the Apulian cereal chain to have obtained the “Apulian Quality Product” collective brand, from the Apulian Region that recognizes its authenticity.
A great pasta comes from the use of quality semolina. Only from an excellent durum wheat you can get a semolina with high protein content, so important to get a firm and elastic pasta.
For this reason, together with the farmers, we select and cultivate the best varieties of durum wheat. We choose among the best varieties cultivated on Apulian territory, which are the most suited to our climate and to the characteristics of our agricultural lands. What we obtain, is the most suitable for the production of an excellent pasta with high protein content.
The durum wheat, transformed into semolina, has given life to a pasta of highest quality, the “Dedicated” pasta.
Thanks to wise pasta making technologies and to the ancient experience, we obtain a pasta recognized for its excellent quality: bronze drawn, gently dried, of golden yellow color, firm and elastic after cooking and during the tasting.
A pasta symbol of an entirely Apulian production, from field to final product.

Ingredients: 100% Puglia durum wheat, water.


Nutritional values for 100 g
Energy 1507 Kj / 355 Kcal
Fats 1.5 g
Satured fatty acids 0.5 g
Carbohydrates 71 g
Sugars 3 g
Fibers 3 g
Proteins 13 g
Salt 0


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