Cured Pork-Meats

D.O.P. Sausage

Salsiccia di Calabria a Denominazione di Origine Protetta (Calabrian sausage with protected designation of origin)
Curved, or chain-formed, a party for the table and the palate
It’s produced in the National Park of Sila, with meat coming from porks bred in Calabria by natural feedings. The Salsiccia is made of a well amalgamated mixture of meat from the shoulder (not less than 50%) and from the lower rib (not more than 50%), together with lard and natural aromatic ingredients. The lard percentage is between 6 and 20%.
The mixture is put into natural pork entrails, perforated and twisted by hand to the characteristic chain-shape, or tied up with natural string to the traditional “U”-form. The Salsiccia is then naturally seasoned for at least 30 days.
The chain has a cylidrical form, with a lenght varying from 40 to 80 cm. Alternatively, it can be tied up to the characteristic “U”-form.
When cut, you find it medium-grained with a well distribuited lard, with natural or bright red colour, depending of the choice of black-pepper or red pepper (sweet or hot) for the mixture. The fragrance is natural and more or less intense. The sapidity is equilibrated or intense (if spicy).
Chain: Approx. 1,1/1,3 kg
Curved: Approx. 300/400g
Conservation: 0°C +4°C
Packaging: 3/5/10/15/20 single/multiple vacuum or multiple protective atmosphere
Shelf life: vacuum 180 days, protective atmosphere 90 days



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