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The company strategy is primarily about careful, painstaking, well-researched and professional selection:

A. of raw materials that our beautiful country provides us,
B. of local cultivations and breedings whose starting point is the respect for our origins.

A product carrying the celebrated label “MADE IN ITALY“ should tell us a great deal, but in the last analysis it’s only a 3-word composition. We prefer to use PRODUCT OF ITALY a ensuring the availability on everyone’s table of the Mediterranean SUN and SEA, unique in their beauty; of the LAND, with its rich and nutritious elements and singular way to shape the territory; our country’s HISTORY and CULTURE, cradle of the Roman Empire and Birthplace of the Latin language. All this, in addition to the pleasure of the food, invites your imagination to stroll wide and far in our regions, towns and villages.
The company aims to spread a piece of Mediterranean lifestyle and culture worldwide. Our policy is to supply typical local quality products, from field to table, assuring the consumers of what they eat.
In the Apulian region, the cultivation of olives, durum wheat and tomatoes is historically radicated. While, the raising of pork in semi-wilderness, due to the microclimate and the conformation of the territory , is part of the Calabrian culture.


Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra


Tomates en lata







Farfalloni zucchine, pancetta e zafferano

Farfalloni zucchine, pancetta e zafferano – Pasta a forma de mariposa, calabacines, tocino y azafrán – es un plato muy saboroso y apetitoso, ideal en cada período del año. El azafrán da un color brillante a este plato, haciéndolo más invitante.   Ingredientes 5 calabacines 130 g de tocino cortado en dados 1 bolsita de … Continue reading Farfalloni zucchine, pancetta e zafferano


Pennette alla siciliana

Las Pennette alla siciliana representan un plato típico de la región Campania. De hecho, aunque su nombre recuerda la región Sicilia, la receta original es de Campania. Quizás su nombre remonta a hace muchos años, cuando la Campania y la Sicilia formaban parte del Reino de las dos Sicilias (Regno delle due Sicilie). Los ingredientes … Continue reading Pennette alla siciliana