Logistic and international transport

Made in Italy products are highly appreciated all over the world. A well travelled person knows the appeal of Italian products. But how can we take our products to the world markets? Our company can count on a structure which guarantees a fast and effective system which enables us to ship safely to all parts of the world.
We offer excellent technical assistance both with packing and overseas logistics. Logistics is not confined to just shipping, but means above all confidence and maximum reliability.
Our company organises shipping on EX-WORKS, FCA, FOB, CIF in partnership with one of the main HUBS in the Mediterranean, the Port of Gioia Tauro which is a company hub-warehousing as well as one of the main links with the East, the Far East and the West. The Port of Gioia Tauro ( almost 3 million containers handled in 2012 ) is on the main route of ships which link the North of Europe with Asia, from the Indian Ocean to the English Channel through the Mediterranean, on the model of Shanghai Free Trade Zone.


Riso, patate e cozze

Ingredients for 4 people – 1 kg of mussels preferably from the Adriatic Sea – 400g of rice – 5 or 6 medium size potatoes – 3 medium size onions – 50g grated pecorino cheese – 1 clove of garlic – 1 sprig of parsely – celery – APLUVIA Cooking – Organic -Green Line extra … Continue reading Riso, patate e cozze


Spaghetti all’arrabbiata

Ingredients for 4 people – 320g of APLUVIA Cooking – Long pasta -Golden Line spaghetti – 700g of APLUVIA Cooking – Red Line tomato passata – 2 chilli peppers cut into small pieces – 3 cloves of garlic – APLUVIA Cooking – 100% Italian- Green Line extra virgin olive oil – pepper and a pinch … Continue reading Spaghetti all’arrabbiata