The seeds are planted in selected lands respecting a three-year rotation… in order to better transfer the soil’s mineral properties to the plants. When the tomatoe is picked, a first selection is made directly in the field. Within 6 hours, it’s transported to the establishment for a quick processing and canning.

The entire production chain is organized to ensure maximum freshness and naturalness of the final product. The production process of the tomatoe is accurately taken care of and cross-checked by a strict traceability schedule.

The fruits picked in the fields are brought to the cannery and, in just a few hours, they are transformed through a series of obliged steps.
Before the peeling, the tomatoes are washed and selected by an electronic eye according to size and colour.  The peeled tomatoes are conveyed to 6 sorting-carpets for another accurate manual selection. Only the best product arrives to the “loader” and is destinated for canning in tin band. Afterwards, in the “filler”, the fruits are covered with “governing liquid” (the liquid necessary for the regulation of the tomatoe’s water content, i.e. tomatoe sauce) which is expertly obtained through accurate controls of the correct density and of the adeguate temperature. At last, the cans are sealed by the “stapler” and sent to the thermal process to inactivate the microbial component. All process-phases of the tomatoes are followed by food-technologists, with continuos chemical-physical and organoleptic product analysis in the in-house laboratory.

A strong staff of technologists underlines the company’s desire to supply an excellent product to the end customer, guaranteed in terms of health and good taste.

The company is able to entirely follow the trip made by the picked tomatoes, from field to can, throughout an accurate control in all phases of processing, transformation and canning. In this way we guarantee the 100% italian product.

Flipping Leaflet Tomato Line Apluvia

Cherry tomatoes in tomato sauce

Chopped tomatoes in tomato sauce

whole peeled tomatoes in tomato sauce


Tomato Sauce

Crushed Tomatoes



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