Our Neighbors


A wonderful land of conquests, enchanting lights and colours, ancient sweet tastes and old traditions. Snowy winters, perfumed springs, windy summers and flaming autumns…this is the magic of an ancient territory.

In the heart of Calabria, Sila rises with its immense forest of the Bruzis that spread for 1700 km2 and a medium altitude of 1200m above sea level. The highland is divided in Sila Grande (Big Sila), Sila Piccola (Small Sila) and Sila Greca (Greek Sila) and it’s part of the Cosenza, Crotone and Catanzaro provinces.

The Silan mountain environment is a unique world for naturalness, distintive characteristic of these places. The true discovery travel is not about searching new lands, but it’s about looking with new eyes. The Silan reality is to be seen and observed with curious and clear eyes. The majesty of the antique secular trees, the clean and uncontaminated air, panoramas of an incomparable vastness and beauty.

As an ancient lady, waking up from a long sleep, Calabria has started to show its resources only in the last years. In the secular pine-woods of Sila Grande, you can find Camigliatello Silano, a small village of incomparable beauty. The village is revaluing and updating its treasures and its importance is growing day by day. In the heart of this enchanted location, you will find our modern and top-level cured pork meat factories, with hi-tech machineries and establishments where the respect of hygiene regulations are an absolute must.

The company has four generations of experience and each phase of the entire production process is accurately followed. The product range is various and each product aims to offer an experience of ancient flavour and the good taste of the typical Calabrian products. The cured pork products are full of history and with a unique taste.


Farfalloni zucchine, pancetta e zafferano

Farfalloni zucchine, pancetta e zafferano – Pasta a forma de mariposa, calabacines, tocino y azafrán – es un plato muy saboroso y apetitoso, ideal en cada período del año. El azafrán da un color brillante a este plato, haciéndolo más invitante.   Ingredientes 5 calabacines 130 g de tocino cortado en dados 1 bolsita de … Continue reading Farfalloni zucchine, pancetta e zafferano


Pennette alla siciliana

Las Pennette alla siciliana representan un plato típico de la región Campania. De hecho, aunque su nombre recuerda la región Sicilia, la receta original es de Campania. Quizás su nombre remonta a hace muchos años, cuando la Campania y la Sicilia formaban parte del Reino de las dos Sicilias (Regno delle due Sicilie). Los ingredientes … Continue reading Pennette alla siciliana