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Cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes will add the deep, full flavour of the products of southern Italy to your dish.
They come from the Apulia Plain where the sun is particularly warm. This area is famous for its flat landscape and extensive fields which are ideal for the cultivation of tomatoes.
This land produces fruit which is carefully selected, hand picked and tinned to guarantee all year round freshness and the deep flavour that the tomatoes have when they have just been harvested.
The cherry tomato goes very well with fish dishes as well as spaghetti tossed in a pan, and with focaccia.

The product may be directly consumed or depending on the consumer’s preferences may be used for the preparation of sauces or dressings, precooked dishes, etcetera.

Process description
After the tomatoes are washed, they are inspected, selected, and canned. Then the sauce is added. The can’s sealing is done by welding the lid, followed by the can’s sterilization, cooling and drying.
 The sauce is prepared with grinded tomatoes, and after the filtering of the seeds and skin, it is heated in a low temperature, then the pH is adjusted by citric acid, reheated and put- still hot- into the can.

Cherry tomatoes and tomato juice.

Preserving process
Preserves to a pH stabilized acid (appertization). Temperature of pasteurization

Manifacturing Process
Product made in tinned band cans.

Preserving and Distribution
Keep at room temperature.

Life Cycle
36 months from production.

Lot indication
Printed with jet ink on the can.


Nutritional Information per 100 g
Energy 24,3 kJ / 101.9 kcal
Protein 1.4 g
Carbohydrates 2,8 g
(of which sugars) 2,8 g
Fats 0,5 g
Sodium 0,06 g
Fiber 1,5 g


Packaging information
Description Net weight (kg) Drained Weight (kg) Brix Opening Inside Coating pcs / carton cartons / pallet
Cherry tomatoes 3 kg 2,55 1,53 6,5 – 7 open top gold 6 50
Cherry tomatoes 1 kg 0,80 0,48 7 easy open or open top white 12 72
Cherry tomatoes 0,5 kg 0,40 0,24 6,5 – 7 easy open white 24 72




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