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Pennette alla siciliana

Pennette alla siciliana is a typical dish from Campania as, even though it is named after Sicily, the original recipe is from Campania. Perhaps the name is from a long time ago when Campania and Sicily were part of the Reign of the two Sicilies. The ingredients are similar as the products of these two regions are almost identical.

– 320g of APLUVIA Cooking – Short Pasta- Gold Line pennette
– 200g of APLUVIA Cooking – Red Line peeled tomatoes
– 2 long aubergines
– 150g of fior di latte (or mozzarella)
– APLUVIA Cooking – Green Line – 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil
– salt
– 1 chilli pepper and basil

Pour some extra virgin olive oil in a saucespan and slightly cook the peeled tomatoes, then chop them and add the chilly pepper. Meanwhile, boil the pasta. Wash and cut the top off the aubergines, cut them in four parts and then into small chunks. Cook them in the pan for a few minutes with some oil. When the sauce is cooked, add the aubergines so that the sauce takes the flavour from the aubergines. When the pennette are ready, drain them and stir them with the sauce. Before turning off the gas cut the fiordilatte or mozzarella into little pieces and let them melt into the sauce.
Serve them with a leaf of basil on each plate.

There is another version of this dish, even tastier, in the oven. Instead of using the peeled tomatoes, you can use a tomato passata but don’t make the sauce too thick otherwise it will dry out too much. Follow the same instruction as before and after you add the mozzarella put the pasta in an ovenproof form and cook at 210° for 15 minutes.