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Burgundy Line

Principe Spinelli

Type: Red
Classification: Typical Geographical Indication of Calabria.
Vine: Gaglioppo
Production area: Calabria, east centre in the province of Crotone,
in Cirò Marina “Timpa Bianca” resort.
Soil: white clay
Altimetry: from 50 to 100 metres above sea level.
Plant breeding system: espalier with a density of understocks of 5600
plants per hectare.
Climate: Mediterranean, with mild winters and warm
and dry summers
Grape harvest: manual, end of October
Yield per hectare of grapes: 60-70 quintals
Vinification: traditional fermentation with 8-12 days
steeping, drawing off and soft pressing.
Ripening: two months in bottles at a controlled temperature.
Refining: one month in bottles at a controlled temperature
Colour: ruby red
Scent: intens and persistent
Flavour: soft with fused tannins.
Alcoholic degree: 13,5% vol.
Gastronomic coupling: accompanied by red meats and seasoned
Service temperature: 17-18 °C.


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